Carnelian Beaded Collar
Carnelian Beaded Collar
Carnelian Beaded Collar

Carnelian Beaded Collar

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Introducing our exquisite Beaded Gemstone Dog Collars, a harmonious blend of style and holistic well-being for your furry companion. Handcrafted with precision, each collar features genuine gemstones renowned for their healing properties, promoting balance and vitality in your pet's life.

We believe in the power of nature, and these gemstones are thought to bring various therapeutic benefits to your dog, fostering a sense of calm, joy, and overall well-being.

But that's not all – our collars go beyond the ordinary. We've infused each one with the ancient practice of Reiki, a gentle energy healing technique. This additional layer of positive energy enhances the collar's ability to promote healing, creating a soothing and uplifting experience for your beloved pet.


For slip-over collars, measure the widest part of your pup's head, while for clasps, measure the neck where you want the necklace to sit and add 1". Simply select the size range and note the precise measurement in your order.

Carnelian crystals is an amazing stone for all dogs but especially adult and senior dogs who seem sluggish and slowing down or dogs with a weak immune system.

The crystal promotes warmth, comfort, happiness, harmony and courage so it’s also a great crystal for insecure dogs or rescues who need to feel more safe and secure.


1. Carefully measure your pet's head with a soft, flexible tape, ensuring a snug fit.
2. Identify the widest point, typically in front of the ears. Be cautious not to pull too tight or leave extra space.
3. If your pet's neck is larger than the head, choose the larger measurement for a comfortable collar fit, placing it in the expected collar position, generally in the middle.

PRO TIP: Practice sliding the tape over their head to ensure a proper fit!

IMPORTANT: If using a body tape with push-button retraction, accurately insert it around your pet's head/neck. Do not use it like a flexible tape, as it starts at 2" to account for the housing.
*Avoid using a hard measuring tape.
*Select the measured head size, and we'll accommodate for bead and attachment sizes on our end.

Carnelian Beaded Collar